miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

remembering our "Old Doctor" in this days of revolution

All old systems of education that have been adopted by the people are very hard to throw off, because of the habits of professors who have been made teachers and have taken the places of their preceptors as instructors. They follow the old system without a murmur, for several reasons. First, the young teacher can teach that which he has been taught more easily than what he may feel should be taught. At this time the young man or woman feels that he must have a living before he can make a move or suggestion to change old methods of instruction for new. To lose his place and salary would nonplus him and turn him adrift in the world with the name of a fault-finder. As bread and meat are first with him, he decides to be silent for a year, then next and next year rolls around and his living holds him into silence, until it becomes second nature to him. He has lost all hope of reformation, and then concludes to be a popular author. He begins to quote and clip and finally gets out a “new book,” with no friction with other writers. His hair now begins to grow thin with suppressed ambition, and in a few years his hair all falls out and hope is forever gone. He has learned rote teaching and how to compile innocently from other old theories. Another and another generation follows this old system that has not given a single new thought for ages. Thus our people are dragged through centuries because the fear of losing bread and meat has kept the teachers in the narrow paths of the most ignorant days of any age known to history. I want volunteers to push this medical revolution. We must conquer before our hair falls out or we will never succeed. I have just read a text-book on gynaecology that gives a list of three hundred and fifty-seven other books quoted by the author. The book has only seven hundred pages and there are three hundred and fifty-seven authors quoted. If there is a single hair on your heads, that one hair will give you sense enough to know that that man is only a clipper, an author by quotations. He is not the kind of an author that will ever be arrested, tried, and found guilty of leading a revolution and shot by court-martial. Our school has declared itself progressive. We try to fear the command, “Thou shalt not lie.” Let us live up to our proclamations.

The Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy (A.T Still)

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